Ultimate Guides on How to Get Free Passes on Episode

Before we show you the tips and trick on how to get free Episode passes and gems, let's talk about the backgroud of this mobile game. Released in February 2014, Episode has become a juggernaut success. The app offers a truly unique spin on the world of storytelling. Developed by Pocket Gems, the game has become enormously popular, over the course of its relatively short lifespan.

Episode Choose Your Story challenges you to engage interactive stories that have been built from the ground up. From this simple concept, the game has exploded in popularity for the sheer volume of possibility that stands before you.

Upon starting the game, you are going to enter one of eighty-four thousand stories. As the story progresses, you will have to make choices. These choices can obviously have good or bad outcomes.

From one experience to the next, it is essentially impossible to play the exact same story twice. This might be one of the biggest reasons for its success. The more you learn about this game, the easier it will be to understand its appeal.

To date, there have been more than one-hundred-and-twenty-five million installs of this game. There is also a UGC creation feature, which has only served to make the title more popular. If you are still on the fence as to whether or not this game is worth a look, here are a few things to keep in mind.

To start with: More than 4 billion episodes have been experienced on the app so far. That translates to more than eighty-three thousand years of combined viewing time. This is quite the rabbit hole, but for those who want to define their own story, it is an essential one.

Episode passes is the most important in-game currency in Episode Choose Your Game.

Where Did This Game Come From?

The extraordinary thing about Episodes is that it has created what one might call a new type of creator. Rather than simply looking at a photo or video, the 8.3 million individuals who make up Episode's creators invite the user to connect with their story in an entirely new way.

The content is designed to be episodic in its style, and this allows for even deeper connections between those telling the story, and those who have come to contribute to the story.

Episode came out of an evolutionary process that began with the app Campus Crush. From there, the developers of the app furthered their ideas, while exploring relationships with such celebrities as Demi Lovato, or characters from properties like Mean Girls or Pretty Little Liars.

The Episode team currently consists of some eighty individuals. These are people with backgrounds in games, publishing, filmmaking, writing, and much more.

Why Is This Game So Popular?

At first glance, Episode may not look like much. It features bright, semi-exaggerated animated characters. It is even difficult to explain the experience of actually playing the game.

You simply connect to a story, and maintain the desire to tell your own at the same time. The more willing you are to do this, the better the experience is going to be. There is something universal about the appeal of something like that.

Keeping that in mind can go a long way towards understanding why millions upon millions of people are playing this game. People certainly praise the app's in-game graphics and sound.

These elements go a long way towards helping to create the immersive experience of this release. Yet it is ultimately the ability to create and contribute that brings people to this game. While the visuals of the title may lead you to suspect that the appeal is directed at young girls, you may want to think again.

The truth of the matter is that while the game is extremely popular with young girls and women, the appeal of the title has been broad enough that you can find just about anyone playing. Pocket Gems is definitely aware of this appeal, and they are consistently looking for ways to enhance the game for everyone.

you can see I have so many passes on the game, you will learn how to get episode free passes later on.

How To Play Episode and Get Free Passes

There are basically three different ways to play Episode:

When you visit the app, you will be greeted with an experience not unlike browsing Netflix or Hulu. You will see a number of posters and possible stories or episodes that you can try out. You will simply need to choose the story, unless you want to create content, which appeals to you the most, and proceed from there.

Once you've chosen a story, you will go through some narration. This is designed to set things up, and to give you an idea of how the game works. However, at some point, you are going to need to make a choice.

There are branching off points that will be influenced by the choices you make. One neat aspect to this is that there are technically no wrong answers. However, making poor choices can still come back to haunt you in some form or fashion.

Episode Passes and Gems: The in-game Currency

There are two forms of in-game currency, as well:

Episode Gems

These are utilized at various story-branching points, or situations in which it is up to you to make a crucial decision.

Episode Passes

Also available in the Episode store, these are necessary for anyone who wants to unlock additional episodes from the story they are currently experiencing.

While you do not actually need in-game purchases to enjoy Episode to the fullest, there is no question that getting gems and passes can enhance the experience to a certain degree.

If you're the kind of person who gets addicted to mobile games, you can probably expect to spend some actual money to experience everything this app has to offer.

Over five million people are using this app every single week. There is no question that this game is changing the way people engage their content. Storytelling is no longer solely limited to sitting down and being told a story with a clear-cut beginning, middle, and end.

In the next topic we will discuss about how to get free passes on episode by using tools, stay tuned. Last but not least What is happening now is that the stories are being told, but they are also being shaped in a profound fashion in real time. This is why the game is likely going to continue to be popular for a long time to come.